On behalf of the Board of Directors of Eastbourne Borough Football Club CIC I would like to thank all of our supporters for their patience over the last few weeks, and we are now pleased to be able to announce that we have today, exchanged contracts with the external investor for the purchase of the football club and its assets. There will now be a period, up until completion, where the CIC will continue to operate the club but on behalf of the new company.
As previously stated, the CIC will continue to hold a minority stake in the new company, Eastbourne Borough Football Club 2023. This will ensure that we still play a part in ensuring the future growth of the club, its role at the heart of the community, and that we return value for our shareholders.
Simon Leslie will now become the majority shareholder in the new company. A highly regarded businessman and entrepreneur who co-founded Ink, the world’s leading travel media company, as well as being an author of four books and a global business speaker. For three decades he worked with the largest travel brands and airlines worldwide and mentored multiple young business leaders.
Simon is now fully committed to Eastbourne Borough FC as his major venture, and he will be looking to expand and grow the club both on and off the pitch. Simon will announce his Board and Management structure, and release his vision for the club in due course.
This is an exciting opportunity for both the club and the whole town of Eastbourne, and we look forward to supporting Simon with his exciting and progressive plans for the club.
Our role as Directors of the club is merely one of custodians and our aim has always been to ensure the future stability and growth of the club whilst safeguarding the legacy of the founding members of the club we all love. There have been many people who have given many hours of hard work and passion to build, grow and protect our club over the years and this is merely the next generation to take the club onwards and upwards. This will ensure that our future generations will have a club to love and belong to, as we all have for so many years thanks to the vision of the founding fathers all those years ago.
The Board of Directors of Eastbourne Borough Football Club CIC would like to thank everyone for their support and dedication over the years and we look forward to being part of an exciting future. We would also like to thank the entire legal team at Gaby Hardwicke for their exemplary hard work and dedication in their efforts to ensure the transaction has progressed as speedily and as smoothly as possible, especially Mark Williams, Hannah Bambury and Paul Maynard who have taken the lead.