There’s been a lot of change at Eastbourne Borough over the last month or two – it’s been a bit like a Hollywood story you could say.

The times are changing at Priory Lane and new owner Simon Leslie has enlisted the help of a good friend from across the pond to help build this exciting project.

Oliver Trevena is an accomplished British actor, Entrepreneur and previously a TV host who has interviewed hundreds of A-list celebrities for the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, YoungHollywood, The Grammys and American Music awards.

As an actor, he’s appeared alongside the likes of Gerard Butler, Nicolas Cage, Kelsey Grammar, Bruce Willis and Aaron Eckart.

He is also the global brand ambassador for Allsaints and renown in business for founding the beverage brand CALIWATER with best friend Vanessa Hudgens and a partner in the globally known elite training gym DOGPOUND.

He now he has his sights set on shining the spotlight on Priory Lane!

Although Trevena grew up in Hastings, his father was born in Eastbourne so he always had a close tie to the seaside town and spent most childhood weekends there with family members.

He always had a passion for football before making his move to the United States for his career in entertainment.  The 42-year-old is now mixing his love for Los Angeles with his new favourite team here on the Sussex coast.

“Football has and always been a huge part of my life, so when this opportunity came up to work with Simon, to invest and be part of the club it meant a lot to me,” Trevena explained.

“For me, it’s a chance to give back, to go home more often. All my family are still there and it just seemed like the perfect synergy. I love Eastbourne & i have so many happy memories there. I also have great respect for what Simon’s achieved in his past and it seems like a perfect partnership”

“We want to make Eastbourne Borough a global brand, more than just a football club.”

It’s been just over a month since the takeover, and the Sports continue to undergo change ahead of the new season.

A new badge, a change into full-time football and a new management team are just some of the changes thus far, and Leslie is determined to make this venture a success.

“Our ultimate goal is to take the team and make them famous all over the world,” he said.

“We’ve got a huge passion for this project, this isn’t a ‘we’re in this to make money’ – we’re here because we believe in Eastbourne Borough Football Club.

“We’re here because we believe we can help, and add huge value to Eastbourne as a destination.

“The passion that he’s (Oliver) got for everything he does, and the passion I’ve got for football, for business, for improving people’s lives.

“That’s the thing that we are focused on – improving the community relationship with the club, improving the player’s relationship playing sport, during sport, everything.”

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