Eastbourne Borough are excited to announce the opening of a brand new coffee shop at Priory Lane.

Named after the former CEO of the Sports, Mike Spooner, Spooner’s opens its shutters to serve the local community from tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 7.30 AM.

Our coffee shop will offer your favourite hot drinks, whilst also offering iced coffee, savoury treats such as panini’s, sausage rolls and more. There will also be sweet pastries on offer all day round!

“There’s been a lot of changes going on at Priory Lane, and they’ve been for the better,” said Chief Executive Alan Williams.

“But we understand that we will never lose sight of the past and the people that helped us get to where we are today.

“And that is why we have named this coffee shop after the late, great Mike Spooner.

“We hope you all enjoy Spooners, I’m sure Mike would have done.”

Spooners is open from 7.30 AM every morning – we can’t wait to welcome you!