Last Saturday our Community Manager Tim Brown completed the arduous Royal Marine Commando Assault Course around Hever Castle.

Tim and his three sons tackled the 26 obstacles over the 6k course, raising nearly £300 for the club’s local charity ‘You Raise Me Up.’

Tim said: “I’ve never been so tired and exhausted in my life! I made the mistake of wearing walking boots which quickly turned into blocks of concrete – they were absolutely caked in mud and water which made running really difficult.

“Big thanks to my lads for pushing me all of the way round – we had a brilliant time and will definitely do it again next year in trainers!”

Having exited the landing craft first in their group, Tim was quickly hit with smoke bombs, fire crackers and a neck high mud filled trench to wade through before tackling flooded tunnels, monkey bars, a blacked out cave system, 12ft walls, sheep dip and river crossing.

“Huge thanks must go to Jade O’Connor and her team at ‘You Raise Me Up’ who were fantastic support to me before the event – I’m not sure that they’ll want their t-shirt back though!”

Tim would like to thank everyone who donated and supported him at the event – the money will go to a good cause for the incredible work You Raise Me Up do.

For more information on the outstanding work they in the local community, please visit their website at