Eastbourne Borough Football Club are delighted to announce that Mark Anderson will be joining the club as Head of Recruitment.

Anderson comes with a wealth of knowledge at the highest level, and is responsible for discovering players like Raheem Sterling, Ben White and Robert Sanchez.

He was formerly head of recruitment at Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester United and Liverpool and joins the Sports from January 1 2024.

Anderson said: “Alan and Simon made contact with me, and they asked about my availability. I’m currently out of football doing a one-year gap, and they spoke to me about the project and what’s going on.

“I’ve studied the club, what Simon does, and that excites me. He’s a people person and not only wants to develop the club, but also the people.”

Borough Chief Executive Alan Williams commented: “Such an important appointment could not be rushed. Mark’s qualities and experience are unquestionable and his desire to be part of what we are doing has impressed me as much as his CV did.

“His role will extend beyond just the men’s first team as we strive to bring something special to this town and special part of Sussex.”

Anderson will come in and work with Mark Beard in a bid to aid the Sports’ campaign – but he also has eyes for the future at Priory Lane.

“I know Mark’s passion, his desire. I know results aren’t going his way, injuries are part and parcel but I will enjoy helping Mark and the club to progress.

“I’m in it for the longevity, no matter what happens I’m there for Eastbourne Borough and to play my part in the future of the club.”

With 35 years experience in the industry, Anderson has a wealth of knowledge in building networks, and spent two-and-a-half years at Manchester United following over five years working for Brighton.

And he is exciting by the project Simon Leslie is working on at Priory Lane.

Anderson added: “I like the sound of the project, what their visions are. It’s not a quick fix. I know the culture, the environment, the characters we need. I think working with Brighton is no different to what Eastbourne are doing on a smaller scale.

“I was lucky to be part of the new stadium and training ground at Brighton. We had a job to do to get systematic coverage and look outside of Sussex, and it was a good project. I can see a lot of similarities to what Eastbourne want to do.

“Speaking to Simon and Alan, there is a plan and that’s what I like. In reality, quick fixes aren’t possible. Moving to full-time, it’ll take time to see the fruitions but I’m excited by the opportunity.

“People will be surprised – it will be a big statement. I get offered work quite a lot by bigger clubs, but I feel there would be a much better job for me at Eastbourne to help them grow.”