Eastbourne Borough are excited to announce that James McKenzie are the latest company to join the Ultimate Business Group at Priory Lane.

As an expert in financial services, specialising in wills, mortgages and financial planning they are now keen to expand their business in Eastbourne on top of working with more than 300 large companies across the UK.

James McKenzie are a staff benefit provider, delivering financial well-being and services to employees of companies as well as individuals.  They typically advise on and arrange 10,000+ wills a year.

Mike Lawrence, Director of James McKenzie, said: “We are incredibly excited to be working with Simon Leslie – his energy is infectious and just what this town needs.

“I am super excited to be part of a group of high growth business leaders who genuinely want to make a difference to Eastbourne and the Sports.

Eastbourne Borough Chairman Simon Leslie said: “Mike came to one of my early talks and was excited to be part of what we are embarking upon.

“When we sat down, we were clearly cut from the same cloth and want to add value to businesses people in Eastbourne.

“We are both excited to create the best networking group, and want to bring the best business minds together and make sure we bring in speakers and guests who will add value to everyone’s vision.”

To reach out to Mike and his team, please e-mail them at info@jmwills.co.uk or mortgages@james-mckenzie.co.uk.