Eastbourne Borough can provide the following update on Alex Finney following his injury on Tuesday night.

The Borough defender suffered a horrific knee injury after landing awkwardly in the 58th minute away at Truro City.

However, we are able to provide an accurate diagnosis following lengthy assessments over the last two days.

The 27-year old has ruptured his patella (kneecap) tendon, as well as having suffered a dislocation.

Thankfully, he has managed to avoid an avulsion fracture which initial hospital results were thought to have shown.

He is due to have an operation tomorrow (Saturday).

“It’s a freak injury, these things happen but it’s not great,” said Finney.

“But I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out. I didn’t realise I had so many people’s numbers!

“It’s so appreciated. I’m still getting around to replying to everyone.

“I have surgery tomorrow (Saturday), and once that’s done I will be back on the mend.

“It’s not something that’s career-ending which is good, and thank you all for so much love.”

We will provide further updates on Alex’s progress, and wish him all the best in his recovery!