Eastbourne Borough FC’s pre-season training is well underway, and things are looking promising. Over the first seven days, the team has primarily focused on physical fitness. “We’ve had our first seven days now, where obviously we’ve been focusing mainly on the physical side and the fitness of the team,” said head coach Adam Murray. With new faces joining and the players returning from a well-deserved break, efforts have also been made to enhance team bonding and build new relationships.

Murray emphasised the importance of integrating new players into the team smoothly. “We’ve been really fortunate that a lot of the guys we’ve brought in already know each other. A few of them played together when they were younger,” he shared. This familiarity has eased the transition, aided by the club’s provision of shared housing to foster closer relationships among players.

Pre-season isn’t just about fitness; it’s also about instilling the club’s playing philosophy. “For me, pre-season is about getting fit, but players come back to pre-season now already in good shape. So a big part of it for me is to make sure we get our playing philosophy across to the boys,” Murray noted. Additionally, building social connections is crucial as the players will be working closely together for the next ten months.

Over the summer, players were given individual training programmes to maintain their fitness. This extended break was somewhat unusual, but it allowed for ample rest and preparation. “Normally, the break is six or seven weeks, but the season finished really early, so we had a 10-week break. It got boring in the end, but the lads had good rest and then they had a programme to follow,” Murray explained. The players’ dedication paid off, with impressive physical outputs recorded in the first week of training.

Integrating young talent from Bexhill College has also been a highlight. Two promising players, Delwin and Will, have joined the pre-season squad. “They’ve been brilliant,” said Murray. The young players have found the transition challenging but rewarding, adapting well to the intense training regimen.

As for the upcoming season, Murray aims to build on last year’s progress. “I think we were the best pressing team in the league last year. We’ll continue that,” he stated. The team will maintain a high-intensity style, focusing on attacking football and controlling games. While this approach may carry risks, Murray is committed to delivering exciting performances for the fans.

Today’s pre-season game against Hayward Heath is set to be an intensive affair. “We want it to be a real intensive game. We don’t just want to turn up and it just be a slow pre-season game,” Murray emphasised. The objective is to get significant physical and tactical gains from the match while managing players’ minutes to avoid early-season injuries.

Looking ahead, the club has high ambitions. “For us, we want to be at the other end of the table this season. I believe we’ve made some really good signings, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be given anything,” Murray remarked. The team is prepared to work hard and turn last season’s challenges into successes.

Finally, Murray had a message for the fans: “More of the same. If we can create the atmosphere, especially here at home, that we did at the end of last season, it really gave the players an extra boost. We have to make sure that we’re putting on performances that warrant that kind of support.” He stressed the importance of unity among players, staff, and supporters as they embark on the new season.

As Eastbourne Borough FC continues its pre-season preparations, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. With a strong foundation, new talent, and a clear vision, the team is poised for a successful campaign.